August 6-10, 2012

One of the best Vacation Bible Schools ever!

Many "Busy Bees" worked hard to prepare for this VBS.

Let's see now, what else can I do?

The "Bug Sanctuary"

The church was full of creepy critters, upstairs and down!

VBS Director, Missy

An average of 112 kids and over thirty workers!

Pennies for Missions netted over $1000.

The penny counters didn't miss a cent!



Music and Singing

The pianist came all the way from Alaska!


The church was filled for the closing program Sunday at 6:00 PM.

Parents and visitors watched a short version of the week's drama.

"Elmer," the mouse and "Bugsy," the caterpillar made many contributions.

In the end, Bugsy turned into a beautiful butterfly!