Pastor Sean and Jen Brumbaugh have served our church faithfully for about nine years and their ministry has been greatly appreciated. We have all grown to love them much!

It was with sincere regrets (selfishly speaking) that we bid them farewell on October 11, 2015. Our church was their first ministry position after completing biblical studies. They have grown spiritually, gained valuable organizational experience and Pastor Sean has become very knowledgeable and capable in preaching and teaching God's Word. It was clear to many that God was preparing him for a Senior Pastorate. We will sorely miss them, and their three lovely children, but Mountain-View Baptist Church of Hagerstown, Maryland will be very blessed to have them as Pastoral family. Our prayers accompany them.

Jim Yost reads a poem that he wrote especially for the Brumbaughs

Pastor Richard Jones thanked the Brumbaughs for their faithful service and friendship. He also presented gifts to all as expressions of our church family's love and appreciation.

Finally, the pastor and deacons with their spouses prayed for their future ministry and the entire congregation came forward to greet them. There were few dry eyes!