60th Annual Mission Conference, March 9-13, 2017

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Ministries we Support

Slavic Gospel Association Russia
Handi*Vangelism Pennsylvania

Our Missionaries*

Jim & Roberta Hill Trans World Radio, NC
Samer & Amy Abraham Avant, Kansas City, MO
Kerry & Terri Psinas IGM, Grenada
Joel & Brook Daku BIMI, Kiribati
Vivian Hoffmeier Retired from Egypt, PA
Ralph & Verna Harvey Avant, retired from Austria

Craig & Laurie Hartman

Shalom Ministries, NYC
Patti Dix Retired from BCMI Germany, NJ
Yoshito Kato Word of Life, Japan
Elaine States Retired from CEF, NJ
Ron & Kim Smith Armed Forces Baptist Missions, California
Jen Rabe NTM, Buko
Jonas & Beth Menezes Avant, Brazil
Russ & Melody Ebersole ABWE, Togo, West Africa
Jon & Rebecca Allinson MWBM, Mexico City, Mexico
Jim & Terri Bracelin Silent Word Ministries, USA - Ukraine
Bud & Bonnie Morton New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea
John & Julie Jobe BWM, England
Doug & Sharon Fry ABWE, Portugal

* We also support missionaries who are serving in sensitive areas and do not want to be named here.